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And to think, it all started from my closet...

"Kee Kee"

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Vision, Mission & Values

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Our Vision - To be one of the "largest resellers of designer brands & brand name products in the USA that supports charity and other support services. Our brick-and-mortar locations will offer the same pleasures one would receive shopping at any other mid/luxury department store. Our company consists of three (3) divisions:


Consignment - Sell us, or through us, your authentic merchandise.

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Designer Boutique - 90% of our entire inventory is "New With Tags"

We guarantee authenticity and carry all of your favorite designer brands. Shop online Click Here or visit a location nearest you.

Vintage, Rare Finds & Collectibles - For more information Click Here


ission - To make mid to high-end merchandise affordable to the middle class and working-class families who want the same luxuries as most, however, they may live on a budget or simply can't afford the costly price tags that come along with the hottest trends on the market right now.


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Our Values - “Be a blessing and you will remain blessed” is the motto of our CEO, "fashionista" as most call her, single mother and grandmother to a young fashionista in training, a three-year-old little beauty who comes to work with grandma on some weekends. In addition to all of her other accomplishments, our CEO is also a twenty-three-year nursing professional, thirteen-year vet in business, a multi-business owner who’s made her mark in the corporate world owning and operating her full-service staffing & back-office management firm in Pennsylvania. Our CEO firm has helped thousands seek and find employment opportunities, all while providing administrative training and other support services working as a strategic partner with (The Pennsylvania Welfare To Work Program) EARN Center, as a community outreach initiative. Developing client relations all while building her database pool of professionals, our CEO has acquired contracts with multi-million dollar corporations like The Holiday Inn Hotels, AARP Corporation and Little Caesars Franchise where she provided pre-employment screening, temporary staffing and back office management services just to list a few. Our CEO is also the founder of "The Pennsylvania Business & Employment Resource Group" which was featured in The Philadelphia Tribune Newspaper, named a finalist in The Greater Philadelphia Chamber Of  Commerce “Excellence Awards” for business development and practices (Emerging Business Of The Year) she was also featured in a few local newspapers, media outlets, magazines, and featured guest on WURD, business talk radio. Every year we will choose a charity to donate a portion of our sales to, we have partnered and look forward to partnering with other organizations that support job creation, training, and other support services. 

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  • "It all started from my closet" Kee Kee...

  • Kee Kee's Consignment Designer Boutique, LLC

  • 100 % Women-Owned Business

  • Member Of The Women's Chamber Of Commerce

  • Dun & Bradstreet Registered (Duns #)

  • We Support Local Non-Profits & Charities

  • 5 ***** Star Google Business Rating

  • Rank #1 In Best Consignment & Vintage Shops...via YELP.COM (As Of July 2020)

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Ken Hemmel

Brand new hidden gem right in Clifton!  Amazing selection, super friendly and knowledgeable staff.  This will be the best kept secret for a number of trendy / chic women in the area for sureClick Here

Joseph Tavares

I love this place! Whatever you are looking for,she has it. The Customer Service is excellent and the overall experience is top notch. This place is truly addictive. 10 stars easy!

Larry Larr

Great store, great prices, thanks for everything. Happy Holidays

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Ranking #1 Best In

Consignment & Vintage Sales

By YELP.COM (July 2020)



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We Support Local Charities

100% Women Owned Business

Kee Kee's Consignment Designer Boutique, LLC

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