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Clifton Heights - Pennsylvania


54 E. Baltimore Ave.

Clifton Heights PA. 19018

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On-Street / Off-Street Parking 

Parking lot in the rear of the boutique.

Public Transportation Accessible

Bus Route - 109 from 69th Market st. bus terminal will bring you to our front door.

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Folcroft, - Pennsylvania

Location (New)

Delcroft Shopping Center

1800 Delmar Drive, Folcroft, PA. 19032

Directions - Click Here

Mall Parking Available 

Public Transportation Accessible

Bus Route - 115 from 69th Market St.

will drop you off in front of the shopping mall.

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135 S. Springfield Rd. Unit #83

Clifton Heights, PA. 19018-9998

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Kee Kee's Consignment
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Ken Hemmel

Brand new hidden gem right in Clifton!  Amazing selection, super friendly and knowledgeable staff.  This will be the best kept secret for a number of trendy / chic women in the area for sureClick Here

Joseph Tavares

I love this place! Whatever you are looking for,she has it. The Customer Service is excellent and the overall experience is top notch. This place is truly addictive. 10 stars easy!

Larry Larr

Great store, great prices, thanks for everything. Happy Holidays

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